I love to share my passion for not only traveling the world, but experiencing the world through each journey I take. With a love for plunging into different cultures and lands, my mental compass is never pointing in the same direction. Constantly on the move, I enjoy driving, camping, and even diving. I’ve always up for an adventure, but believe my current home state—Queensland—is one of the best places to explore. Having only lived in Australia for three years, I’m still discovering the nooks and crannies of the beautiful Sunshine State and hope to share my experiences with you.

I recently purchased a 4WD car—a Land Cruiser 70 series called TRUPI —and prepared it for an intense trek across Australia. The highs and lows were equally as magnificent and I now desire to share every detail with the world. My ultimate goal, however, is to help others unravel the stunning places awaiting them in Australia.

An avid voyager and nature enthusiast, I am dedicated to bringing readers a plethora of information in streamlined and lyrical prose, making Australia a place to add to every bucket list.

You see … I believe that success is not merely a destination. Life is headed toward a destination whether we like it or not, so the real significance lies in what we do with the time we’re given. I’m a firm believer in paving extraordinary roads throughout the journey of life, traveling not only in body, but in all ways, filling all senses with wonder and appreciation for the world around us. That’s my true purpose in writing about my discoveries. To stir the passion buried within all of us, the passion to enjoy this journey called life.