Fraser Island

Fraser Island is Australian mekka for four wheel drivers, and after spending 4 days there I can definitely confirm that it’s amazing place. It’s not only for off road enthusiasts – there are plenty of activities that you can do there – fishing, bushwalking (including doing it in rain forest), and even for lazy sunbathing all day on the beautiful beach. You can also swim in the lakes, or watch see turtles if you are in the right season. Fraser Island is the biggest sand island in the world and has a length of around 120km and width is around 24km. You can find forests there – including rainforest, mangrove and eucalyptus.

Lake Moogerah, Queensland, Australia

This trip to Lake Moogerah, Queen Mary Falls and Condamine River Road is an intensive one day trip that will allow you to see some beautiful places that will bring you back sooner than you think. Actually, I ended up coming back the next day to show these amazing places to my friends and believe me, there was nothing boring about the second time.