Fraser Island trip – Part 1

Fraser Island is Australian mekka for four wheel drivers, and after spending 4 days there I can definitely confirm that it’s amazing place.

It’s not only for off road enthusiasts – there are plenty of activities that you can do there – fishing, bushwalking (including doing it in rain forest), and even for lazy sunbathing all day on the beautiful beach. You can also swim in the lakes, or watch see turtles if you are in the right season.

Fraser Island is the biggest sand island in the world and has a length of around 120km and width is around 24km. You can find forests there – including rainforest, mangrove and eucalyptus.

Fraiser Island - cleanup

This one was not just a random trip to a nice place, it was organized by Four Wheel Drive Queensland ( on yearly basics – Fraser Island Cleanup. It’s great idea where all 4wd clubs can meet, spend some good time together, and help the environment by cleaning up the island. Rubbish from beaches can very easily ruin your holiday, but also can kill the ocean life. A third of dead turtles are killed by rubbish! Remember that when you are camping anywhere – it’s not a big deal for you to pick some rubbish left by someone else – and you can make a difference.

Fraiser Island

From Inskip Point to Hook point – you can access island only by 4wd car, barge is docking on the beach, and then you are going out from it on the beach as well. It’s also advised to lower the pressure in your tires, to get better traction on the sand. If you don’t have 4wd, you can raise it or use some of many touristic companies that operate on the island. I would really advise to visit it yourself – it’s better to see things on your own, and stay in nice places as long as you want. It’s totally not advisable to go there with no car – you have at least 40 kilometers walking on the beach to the first camping – and I really wanted to say hallo to four guys – two from England and two from France – that didn’t really calculate it and after 4 kilometers from the barge meet me, and nearly kissed my feet when I told them that I could give them a lift. Hopefully they got a lift on the way back – as that was my last day there.

Fraiser Island

You can access the island from other side (from River Heads to Kingfisher bay) – by foot, and there are a few resorts on Kingfisher bay side – I cannot advise you on that – for me, a resort was never place to go if we are talking about Australia.

I would say that all of the island sand tracks are easy to medium – so pretty much every 4WD and most of AWD can do it.

Fraiser Island - be aware about dingos

Be aware about dingos – they are not dogs or any other pets. Dingos are wild animal, and you should not even try to feed them, also don’t leave any food leftovers outside the car, and I would say that walking by the middle of the island with bag full of food could be dangerous. Near Lake Mckenzie it is prohibited to eat outside in designated areas.

If you are smart – there is no real danger – but if you are really afraid of dingos, there are few ‘dingo free’ campsites.





Nice places to visit:

Wreck of the Mehano

Wreck of the Mehano

That’s the most advertised place on the island – Wreck of Mehano ship – but in my opinion, if you are about the wrecks – go to Moreton Island and do some snorkeling around Tangalooma Wrecks – then Mehano shipwreck will be just some not bad rubbish on the beach.

Lake McKenzie

Lake McKenzie Lake McKenzie

The cleanest lake I have ever seen, and you can watch it in the morning for sunset – mid day and on sundown – it’s totally different each time – so very unique place that is a must. Will be little more photos and description about lakes on Fraser in the next part – hard to fit this everything in one story – and I haven’t seen everything yet.

Sandy Cape Lighthouse

Sandy Cape

Definitely a go, especially that Seventy-Five Mile Beach that you need to cross to go there is brilliant; also you are passing by beautiful sand. I actually didn’t take a photo of the lighthouse itself :/


Central Station Rainforest

Fraiser Island - rainforest

It’s definitely worth to drive to central of island and see rainforest there, it is similar to other rainforest I saw, but having that in the middle of a sand island – it’s just amazing.

Kingfisher Bay

Freser Island - Kingfisher bay

On the other side of the island, we have very nice jetty going into a bay, you can fish from there, but the most amazing is sunset there. U can enjoy coffee on the pier as well as some fish & chips


Fraiser Island - cleaning

I would like to give thanks to all the people from my Toyota Landcruiser Club of QLD (, that taught me a lot, and made good fun from cleaning Fraser Island and 4Four Wheel Drive Queensland for organizing this amazing event.       

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