Trupi – the car

After it was made in the factory, Trupi was driving three years in Australian telco company – TELSTRA. They equip the car with 15 000lb PTO winch, and that was their daily car to fix problems with the GSM networks over the Brisbane. It was eventually bought by an older man who kept it for a little more than 10 years. He traveled around Australia and added to that car double battery system, cage between cargo and seats and drawers. When I saw that car at first – I was a little disappointed, as for this price it was not very prepared for any big trip yet, but I think the car won me over two ways, the one being the PTO winch, that I would need to pay $8000 for (I probably wouldn’t buy it then, just an electrical one), and the possibility of organizing the car however I wanted. The car was very well kept – the car wasn’t from some dirty bogan or from some backpacker that cannot afford to keep it going on the best parts. The car has 450 000 on the clock.


After I bought it, I started preparing it for the big trips – the main concern was to have everything in that car – but still keep the reliability of Land Cruiser 70. So I didn’t add any fancy things to it and kept the engine and chassis in the mint condition. Also every time I was changing anything – I asked myself few questions

  • If that will break, how will it affect me in the middle of nowhere?
  • If there is any implication of this part breaking in the middle of nowhere – can i buy anything, which is more reliable and marked as heavy duty
  • Is there any other brand of the part would be easier to replace


car - right

As I have my Howling Moon roof tent from my old car (Land Rover Discovery 2), I needed to buy some heavy-duty roof rack to carry that, which I did at first.

There were of course some small things that needed to be replaced like aux battery, or some small things in suspension, but nothing major need to fix.

After that I fitted also:
– 60l Mooroons fridge (GO MOORONS!) – made by Primus – also I bought a slide and built wooden box to be able to put stuff on the fridge and still open it
– BFGoodrich mud tires
– Replaced original radio with Android head unit – that was best decision ever – now I can have music on my spotify and using gps, watching movies etc on my dash
– Replaced my driver seat with the stratos one – very good comfort for long drives. Also lumbar support that can be pump up
– Self made roof console with the space for some papers + UHF + HF
– Added Codan 9373 HF Radio with auto-tune antenna
– Replaced rear tank with long ranger – 180l. 270l in total
– Added LED Lightbar on the top of the car
– Replaced my headlights to HID
– Made wooden covers (covered in carpet) for rear windows and put ozTent pockets on that
– Mounted power inverter with sine wave and made cigarettes 12V and 240V socket on the back of the car.
– Tint all windows with the darkest legal foil
– Put blog and troopcaries of Australia stickers on the car (yay!)
– Get second spare wheel and put it on the roof
– Made ladder for the top of the car
– Sheep wool steering wheel
– Fitted safari snorkel in place of original one
– Fitted two rated recovery points on the front
– Equip car with all recovery gear (snatch straps, tree protectors, 2 blocks, air compressor and many others)
– Replaced suspension with Though Dog heavy duty leaf springs.
– Air compressor fitted on the floor behind rear seats
– Two 90W Solar panels on the top
– Under one of solar panels – 75l water tank with a garden hose
– Dirt bag on the rear wheel
– A lot of stickers :)

Trupi - the car - Moreton wrecks

What left:

– Replace aux tank from 90l to 180l (to have total of 270l)
– Put front and rear eLockers
– Replace all suspension with heavy duty one
– Put heat exchanger, pump and water tank for shower
– Back electric winch (in case car cannot start or in case of support from the back)
– Rear bar with two wheels carrier
– Organize more my camping equipment
– Mount air compressor
– Replace or rebuild engine, rebuild gearbox – just to be sure that everything is all right with these two most important elements
– Satellite phone
– Extend roof rack to full length (up to the bull bar)
– Flag socket on the bullbar

Any thoughts? Should I add anything else?